Søren Lund

My real name is Søren Lund, but I'm also known as SLU or Dark Twonky.

I'm an easy going guy from Denmark. 

My main interests are beer tasting, listening to music, cooking, reading books, traveling and watching movies and tv-shows.

My taste in beer is broad, but I do prefer the darker and stronger types. Stouts, Imperial IPA's and Belgian Strong Ales are among my favorite types.

I constantly discover new music I like. I do like hip-hop a lot, but some good old fashioned guitar rock is also great. Occasionally I also like to listen to more experimental or alternative music.

As I work as a computer consultant, a lot of the books I read are non-fiction and work-related. When I read fiction I tend to read horror, fantasy or mystery books.

When it comes to movies and tv-shows I really only stay away from reality and game shows. I equally enjoy a silly comedy and a history drama. If I must mention favorite genres it would fantasy and sci-fi.

As I mentioned before, I work as a computer consultant. It's mostly software development and system administration related. I'm an AWS Solution Architect, Fullstack Developer, DevOps Engineer, Computer Generalist, Linux User, Perl Monger, Emacs Evangelist and Java Developer.